06 July 2006

Welcome to my ICASE 2006 Blog

Welcome to my ICASE 2006 Blog

I am helping with some of the presentations at the ICASE2006 Symposium in November and this webpage is designed to give you some information about those sessions.

MORE IMPORTANTLY this website gives you the opportunity to ask any questions before the sessions which you would like answering AND this gives you an opportunity to share some of your own experiences with other members of the symposium.

Don't be shy ... click on "comments" under the different headings and let us hear from you ...

PLUS .. for ALL conference members and presenters ... please click on "comments" under this posting (message) and introduce yourself .... simply a couple of sentences giving your name, where you come from and what you do .... that would be brilliant especially if you have never used a Blog (website) before.

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(a) 'Web 2.0' supporting teaching&learning in Science & Mathematics

'Web 2.0' supporting the teaching & learning of Science & Mathematics
(Thursday 30 Nov. 10:10 - 10:50 plenary presentation 40 minutes)

This presentation will explain what "Web 2.0" is all about and investigate some of the new exciting possibilities that are now available to teachers and students .. not just k-12 but also for 'lifelong learning'.

All you need is an internet connection and computer running a web browser.

You no longer have to have high technical skills to build websites or produce multimedia presentations or build an online learning environment ..... all you need is a sense of adventure and a willingness to 'play'.

The presentation will be in English but many of the new Web 2.0 sites offer multilingual options ... which is wonderful for us in Asia.

If you have any particular questions that you would like answering about "Web 2.0" then please click on "comments" below and leave then for me and I'll try and answer them during the presentation.

If you have time before the event (your homework!) then just have a browse around the webpage www.shambles.net/web2/

I look forward to meeting you.
Download session handout
(Word document 2.7MB)

Download Powerpoint (2MB)

(b) Web 2.0 Examples for Teaching and Learning

Specifics of 'web 2.0' supporting the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics
(Thursday 30 Nov. 2:00pm - 3:00pm workshop : 60 minutes)

This workshop will investigate some additional examples of where Web 2.0 can help teaching and learning across the curriculum.

The session is designed to be of interest and relevance to k-12 (primary & secondary) teachers and administrators ....
No technical expertise is needed .... only experience is having used a web-browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

The session will be in English but many of the examples shown can be multilingual.

If you have time before the workshop then download the free booklet "Web 2.0 Coming of Age: An introduction to the NEW worldwide web" from http://www.shambles.net/web2/comingofage

If you have any particular requests for this session please click on 'comments" below and add them .... ALSO if you have already used and Web 2.0 websites in your own teaching or students learning then it would be brilliant if you could also mention this to possibly a link to any relevant webpages ... especially if students work.

Download session handout
(Word document 2.3MB)

Download PowerPoint (1.6MB)

(c) Podcasting in Science and Mathematics

Podcasting in Science and Mathematics
(Thursday 30 Nov. 3:00pm - 4:00pm workshop 60 mins)

Podcasts are basically audio (sound) files that can be made by teachers and students and be hosted on the internet (for free) ... more explanation will be given in the session.
This workshop will investigate some of the tools and strategies that are available to help schools use Podcasts to support the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science ... although it will, in fact, be of interest to teachers from any curriculum area.

View this Podcast at www.clickcaster.com

or go to www.clickcaster.com/icase2006

The workshop will explain what a Podcast is ... and look at the tools to make one and then host it on the internet.

The session is designed to go through the process in real time from start to end ... so I shall be looking for at least one volunteer to be interviewed.

The session will be in English but Podcasts are a multilingual resource.

If you have time before the workshop then have a look at the links at
Download session handout
(Word document 1.7MB)

Download Powerpoint
To access the Podcasts produced in the conference and at the workshop go to
RSS feed for the iCASE Conference workshops is http://www.clickcaster.com/clickcast/rss/4653