06 July 2006

Welcome to my ICASE 2006 Blog

Welcome to my ICASE 2006 Blog

I am helping with some of the presentations at the ICASE2006 Symposium in November and this webpage is designed to give you some information about those sessions.

MORE IMPORTANTLY this website gives you the opportunity to ask any questions before the sessions which you would like answering AND this gives you an opportunity to share some of your own experiences with other members of the symposium.

Don't be shy ... click on "comments" under the different headings and let us hear from you ...

PLUS .. for ALL conference members and presenters ... please click on "comments" under this posting (message) and introduce yourself .... simply a couple of sentences giving your name, where you come from and what you do .... that would be brilliant especially if you have never used a Blog (website) before.

Also to get some rough idea of the skills of participants
I should be grateful if you could complete the poll on the right
... which asks "Do you have your own Blog?"


At 22/11/06 20:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Andy from the Singapore Science Centre. We currently have no Web 2.0 applications, but we're planning to revamp our website soon... Cheers.

At 23/11/06 16:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Cheng Fun from Synergyst Education and secretariat for the symposium. Blogging is new to me but not new to many students in Singapore. Blogging is the trend in Singapore now and many schools has started using Blogging as tool for students to learn and exchange ideas... Cheers.

At 23/11/06 18:28, Blogger James Leung said...

Hi, I am James Leung from Hong Kong. My colleagues and I are planning to do some exchange with scholars from different places. Hope all we enjoy this symposium..... Cheers.

At 26/11/06 17:35, Blogger merle tan said...

This is Merle Tan from the Philippines. Our Institute conducts training of teachers at preservice and inservice level. But we are not using Web 2.0 applications. Hope to learn from you.

At 30/11/06 05:28, Anonymous Jacintha said...

Hi, i am Jacintha from Admiralty Primary School, Singapore.
We are into the 2nd day of the Symposium. i have learnt alot from this Symposium and looking forward to learning more....

Waiting to attend Chris Smith's Workshop...:)
Web 2.0 sounds interesting....)

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