06 July 2006

(b) Web 2.0 Examples for Teaching and Learning

Specifics of 'web 2.0' supporting the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics
(Thursday 30 Nov. 2:00pm - 3:00pm workshop : 60 minutes)

This workshop will investigate some additional examples of where Web 2.0 can help teaching and learning across the curriculum.

The session is designed to be of interest and relevance to k-12 (primary & secondary) teachers and administrators ....
No technical expertise is needed .... only experience is having used a web-browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

The session will be in English but many of the examples shown can be multilingual.

If you have time before the workshop then download the free booklet "Web 2.0 Coming of Age: An introduction to the NEW worldwide web" from http://www.shambles.net/web2/comingofage

If you have any particular requests for this session please click on 'comments" below and add them .... ALSO if you have already used and Web 2.0 websites in your own teaching or students learning then it would be brilliant if you could also mention this to possibly a link to any relevant webpages ... especially if students work.

Download session handout
(Word document 2.3MB)

Download PowerPoint (1.6MB)


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